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10 Best Waterproof Jacket in 2020 – Stay Dry in Adverse Weather

It doesn’t matter where you go – being safe is always crucial to getting a good time. And sometimes that means bringing the right jacket.

If you’re going to a trip in a snowy mountain, a place with lots of humidity, or anywhere with cloudy weather – then you’ll want the best waterproof jacket to help you keep your body safe.

It doesn’t have to be a trip necessarily. Maybe you just live in a city where the weather is not the best. If that’s the case – then we have your back.

With one of the best jackets for severe weathers that we have here – you’ll find the ideal choice to prevent those unhealthy colds or rainy days from harming you. So, do you want to know more about these jackets? Then keep scrolling down!

Top Picks : 5 Best Waterproof Jacket

Why Do You Need A Waterproof Jacket?

Heading to a very cold and humid place? Is there a chance heavy or constant rain will fall? You lack enough protection from housing or a vehicle? If you answered is yes to all of these questions – then you’ll need a waterproof jacket.

There’s no other way to keep yourself safe from all the things awful weathers can produce on your body. From diseases to hypothermia, unwanted skin conditions, and much more – those are some of the side effects that can arise if you don’t wear a jacket when needed.

That’s a reason enough always to bring one everywhere you go. But if those reasons are not enough for you – then you may prefer the following ones:

  • A jacket can keep you from feeling cold in rainy or snowy places
  • It keeps you from getting a flu (that could end up in way worse issues)
  • It’s the best way to protect your immune system from unwanted setbacks
  • You won’t get wet easily especially in rainy or snowy places
  • Helps you maintain your clothes neat
  • Saves you a lot of time, experience and money in getting dry

So, do you think getting a waterproof jacket is worth it?

If yes, then you’ll want to keep reading…

Let’s start with top selected products list


 Best Waterproof Jacket Reviews

Now that you know some reasons to have a waterproof jacket at home – it is time to learn about the best opportunities for you to get one. Here are 10 waterproof jackets you should know about:

1.  Marmot PreCip Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot Men's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Getting a high-quality coat is not an easy job. Luckily, the Marmot PreCrip doesn’t fall short in any aspect. In fact, we could even say this is the best waterproof jacket for men.

Boasting a uniquely comfortable design that delivers impressive waterproofing – this jacket takes quality to a whole new level.

It all starts with its NanoPro technology, a unique type of construction that alongside nylon produces terrific waterproofing results. The 2.5 layer design adds tons of durability as well, increasing waterproof capacity without leaving behind sturdiness.

This gets even better with the fully-taped seams, ideal for keeping all types of moisture away from your body. And it gets even better with the microporous structure, an exceptional build quirk that prevents water from staying on the surface.

Apart from that, this jacket offers an adjustable hood that you can use as a collar. And to make it even better, you get a DriClime chin guard to protect your lower face from the water.

The cuffs are also adjustable, and the PitZips allow smooth closing and opening when needed. You won’t get anything less than an outstanding experience with this jacket. And that’s without even mentioning that you can fold it and store in any bag without problems – adding tons of portability.

You can get this jacket in 7 different sizes from Small to XXX-Large and in up to 15 different colors. Whatever your needs or desires – this jacket doesn’t let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unbeatable NanoPro technology for terrific waterproofing
  • Exceptional 2.5-layer build for durability & results
  • Hugely comfortable design with scuff seams & adjustable hood
  • Handy DriClime chin guard for extra protection
  • Smooth and easy-to-use PitZips system

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2. The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Waterproof Jacket

If there are brands that take quality to a whole new level – then The North Face is probably one of them. And with the Resolve jacket, they did that and more.

This is an entirely waterproofed jacket that prevents even the smallest amount of moisture from getting to your clothes or body. With its outstanding HyVent 2-layer construction, it will provide the driest & most resistant performance out there.

It features a breathable design made primarily of nylon in the exterior that keeps water outside. You will also find polyurethane in the inner layer for a more protective yet slightly insulating experience that keeps vapor inside. All that comes with a polyester lining that looks almost seamless.

The seams are taped sealed, with the mesh lining that offers enough breathability, so you don’t suffocate inside. It gets better with the roll-away hood that you can use along with the collar for superb protection.

The zipper action is totally smooth as well, so you can get it on and off fast and easy. And with the elastic cuffs and draw-cord hem – you’ll be ready to fight rain effectively.

You could also say the whole jacket is good-looking, with a set of 32 vibrant colors you can pick according to your demands. Add the 8 different sizes, and it will look well on any person effortlessly.

The logo on the left chest and in the back of the right shoulder also add a little style to the piece. And with the two zip-hand pockets – it leaves no space for a useless appearance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly protective & durable HyVent nylon build
  • Comes in a 2-layer construction for ideal waterproofing
  • Splendid zipper action for fast & effortless use
  • Practical roll-away hood with insulated collar
  • Very enticing appearance with seamless design

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3. Marmot Minimalist Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot Men's Minimalist Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket, Arctic Navy, Small

Stylish and protective, the Minimalist jacket from Marmot is undoubtedly among the best you can get if you want quality at its highest.

What this jacket does better is protection. There’s no other thing it stands out the most for than for its Gore-Tex build with Paclite Technology. This 3-layer design helps to keep your body warm, prevent any moisture from getting inside, and still offers ideal breathability for a fresh experience.

All this gets better with the seam-taped construction, making the whole jacket, even more, water resistant and durable.

It also boasts a microporous membrane that prevents water from sticking into the surface. And with the Paclite layer inside, it dries out quickly enough so you can use it continually without issues.

But that’s not all, you also get an adjustable hood that offers facial coverage if needed. And with its chest pocket, you can store your precious valuables to prevent them from getting wet. You also get a draw-cord hem for easy adjustability.

There’s still a lot more to enjoy from this jacket, including the underarm vents that keep your arms fresh at all times. It also helps to prevent moisture. And with the PitZips, you can regulate the interior even more – improving comfort, ease of use, and breathability.

It is good-looking in its entirety and comes in 9 color choices so you can make it stand out. As for sizes, you’ll get 5 sizes from Small to XX-Large – so you can wear it however you prefer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Impressive Gore-Tex build for extra protection
  • Comfy design with PacLite Technology
  • Ideal temperature regulation & breathability
  • Handy chest pocket &PitZips
  • Superb 3-layer construction with taped seams

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4. ZHENWEI Women’s Waterproof Active Rain Jacket

ZHENWEI Rain Jacket Women Waterproof with Lined Raincoat Outdoor Active Travel Hiking

If what you’re looking if an affordable jacket that still makes protection comfortable, then what you need is the ZhenWei Active Waterproof Jacket.

You can use it virtually anywhere you want and receive huge protection without leaving any other factor behind. It uses 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and an excellent combination that ensures a dry experience at all times.

This build is totally windproof and soft to the touch, it also feels fresh and comes with cotton lining that adds a comfortable interior.

It also comes with a drawstring waist, a button and zipper closure, and two front flap pockets. You can add the long-sleeve arms and the hood that adds even more comfort and protection.

It doesn’t matter when you use this jacket; it protects you from moisture at all times. What’s even better, it dries pretty quickly and delivers a totally lightweight design that won’t be a problem to use even during heavy rains.

When it comes to storing it, you may simply fold it small and carry it around like a pouch. Its lightness and unique design make it a pretty handy option in its entirety.

Then, its design for women is still pretty stylish with a modernized appearance that any woman will love. Especially when you add the 12 color choices you can get, each one with up to 6 different sizes from X-Small to XX-Large. Whatever you’re looking for, this jacket has it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical drawstring in waist & hood
  • Useful front-flap pockets & hoodie
  • Excellent polyester build for durability
  • Secure closure with front zipper and buttons
  • A great number of colors and sizes

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5. Outdoor Research Men’s Helium II Jacket

Outdoor Research Men's Helium II Jacket

Everyone loves a durable jacket – and the Helium II from Outdoor Research is exactly that. Whether you want it for physical activities or simply traveling around the city – this is an excellent choice.

It starts with a Pertex Shield construction, a type of fabric made of nylon entirely. You get a 2.5-layer design with 30D ripstop – exceptionally strong and reliable, so you can get several years of use without any problem.

An exciting feature of this jacket is the weight, only 0.4 pounds which makes it outstandingly light, so you never get tired of using it. Even in the hardest rain, this jacket will feel comfy and easy to use.

The design also boasts an adjustable hood and elastic cuffs. You can make it work; however, you prefer ultra coziness. Wearing this jacket will be no problem at all – as it uses YKK AguaGuard zippers. And with the elastic drawcord hem – it promotes superb adjustability.

You also get a zipped chest pocket, so you can store small valuables if needed. And with the internal pockets, storing anything from your phone to your wallet will be totally possible with this jacket.

Finally, it stands out for its shiny looks. The Pertex Shield surface adds a magnificent appearance in 17 different color options. You should just to pick your favorite color and between 5 sizes from Small to XX-Large, and you’ll be set.

Highlighted Features:

  • Top-notch Pertex Shield nylon material
  • Adjustable design with a hoodie & elastic cuffs
  • High-quality YKK AguaGuard zippers for durability
  • Handy internal sack pockets & zippered chest pouch
  • Unbeatable weight at only 0.4 pounds

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6. EZRUN Men’s Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket

Men's Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Windbreaker Lightweight Packable Raincoat(Silver Grey,L)

You want a protective, practical, and comfortable jacket but you don’t want to empty out your wallet. What do you do in that case? Easy – you pick the Ezrun Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket.

There’s simply no better choice for such a great price. It boasts a 100% nylon construction that feels completely light. You will get the chance to enjoy its breathability but excellent protection at any moment – even during the harshest of storms.

Whether it is biking in the mountains, going on a trip to the forest, or hiking in rainy places – this jacket will perform really well. And on top of all, it still manages to feel comfortable and amazingly handy.

Just consider the funnel hood, an adjustable design quirk that helps to make your jacket as comfortable as you need. This gets better with the elastic cuffs, perfect for keeping your arms dry at all times without damaging comfort.

It even comes with cord hem so you can adjust the jacket to your body more effectively. And with the back pocket, you can store any large item without any issue and carry it around. On top of that, the two front pockets add even more carrying capacity, especially useful to keep items at close reach.

This jacket still manages to look pretty good, fitting lose in 4 different sizes and 3 different colors. You also get some reflective details all around that to make it useful in dark places. For the cost, this is an option you shouldn’t dismiss.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional nylon construction
  • Comfortable design that fits loose
  • Great adjustability with funnel hood & corded hem
  • Superb convenience with front & back pockets
  • Stylish design with reflective details for visibility

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7. Arc’teryx Women’s Beta SL Jacket

Arc'teryx womens Beta Sl Jacket

For demanding users who want the highest quality possible – Arc’Teryx is always there to meet their demands. And with the Beta SL, they made the best waterproof jacket for women you will find.

With only 0.6 pounds of weight, this jacket is amazingly light so you can bring it anywhere you want. It is also totally packable and offers the chance to enjoy exceptional comfort due to its soft fabric.

Using N40r Gore-Tex in its build, it will stand even the most demanding rains without any issue. And with the PacLite technology, it feels comfortable on the inside while adding breathability and extra waterproof properties. Along with the DWR coating that repels moisture, you will never experience wetness.

It even comes with mini ripstop functions, adding tons of anti-tear protection that increase its lifespan and overall strength. Add the GORE seam tape and the Trim fit, and you’ll get a hugely reliable and breathable jacket in its entirety.

But it doesn’t leave head protection behind, with a collar and Stormhood design that adds coverage to your neck and lower head. This low-profile design makes it easy to use, boasting a hardshell construction that is also light and comfort to use.

The drawcords in the hood and chin guard help you adjust to your needs, so you can feel protected but cozy. Along with the WaterTight zippers for the front pocket and putting it on, this jacket becomes one of the easiest to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Awesome N40r Gore-Tec Teflon construction
  • Excellent adjustability with drawcords in collar &Stormhood
  • High-quality WaterTight zippers for extra smoothness
  • Advantageous front pocket design
  • Superb protection with Gore seam tape & DWR coating

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8. Outdoor Research Men’s Foray Jacket

Outdoor Research Men's Foray Jacket

Outdoor Research always takes the time to deliver well-designed, well-built, and well-proofed jackets – and the Men’s Foray is not an exception.

Coming with the superb Gore-Tex material for its build, it makes water roll down the sleeves without any effect on the inside. It comes with Paclite technology for a breathable and soft interior, and yet delivers a 2-layer construction with polyester that feels light and amazingly protective.

It doesn’t leave practicality behind, though. You’ll get YKK AquaGuard zippers that make it easy to tighten up when needed. Then, you’ll get an adjustable hood for extra protection, and a left-hand pocket that you can use as a stuff sack.

But its handiness doesn’t end there, it still boasts side zippers with TorsoFlo Venting technology for superior breathability and a set of the elastic cuff on each sleeve. Apart from that, you get drawcord hem for easy adjustability and an excellent adjustable scuff design with Velcro.

This jacket doesn’t leave looks behind, though. You also get an exciting style that looks enticing, especially with the 8 different color options. And of course, you get 5 sizes to choose from – so anyone can get the most out of it.

Whoever you want and whatever your purpose, this high-end jacket will take your waterproofing to another level. If you expect the best of the best, then this one won’t disappoint you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic Gore-Tex build for ideal waterproofing
  • Brilliant TorsoFlo&Paclite features for breathability
  • Smooth & reliable YKK AquaGuard Zippers
  • Practical interior & exterior pockets
  • Adjustable hoodie & scuffs for convenience

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9. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket

Looking for the best waterproof jacket for hiking? Then look no more – the North Face Venture 2 jacket is everything you need.

Whether you go on a forest trip or take a walk around the city – this model has your back. With a DryVent build with a 2.5 layer design, this nylon jacket protects your body against any type of moisture out there. It will maintain your body dry even during the harshest of experiences.

The ripstop exterior and the comfortable nylon/polyester interior will provide everything you need on a jacket for hiking – so you can go on your trips and feel fantastic at all times.

It even comes with a unique polyurethane coating using a tri-component formula – delivering unbeatable moisture protection for any situation. The fabric is also totally windproof and provides a breathable experience, so you never overheat.

You will find it light and easy to carry due to its packable design. It manages to be handy too, with an adjustable hood, adjustable Velcro cuff tabs, a hem cinch-cord, and Pit-zip for ideal ventilation. You also get a Velcro storm-flap that covers the front zipper for extra moisture protection.

Boasting more than 38 designs with different color combinations, you’ll have the chance to pick your favorite model without any issue. And with its 8 different sizes, you won’t have anything to complain about.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic DryVent nylon build
  • Unique tri-layer polyurethane coating for extra protection
  • Totally adjustable design with a hoodie, cuff tabs & hem cinch-cord
  • Smooth zippers with Pit-Zip for ideal ventilation
  • Exceptional comfort with polyester/nylon

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10. Three Sixty Six Men’s Windbreaker Jacket

If you’re a runner, you’ll want the best waterproof jacket for running. And for us – there’s no doubt the Three Sixty Six Windbreaker is precisely what you need as a jogger.

The polyester construction of this jacket takes durability and protection to a whole new level of price & results. You won’t have to empty out your bank account for high-end models when you can get something that gets the job done but at a far lower cost.

This is still a pretty comfortable jacket to have. The soft fabric doesn’t let you down when it comes to keeping you cozy. And it gets better with the stretch fabric with zippered windbreakers that help you achieve an excellent running experience.

You’ll also get sufficient handiness, as it boasts two zipper hand pockets on the sides so you can store any valuables comfortably. And with the elastic cuffs, you won’t have to be continually adjusting your wrist when running.

You can add even more convenience with the side zip opening so you can take it off more easily. Along with the small center zipper and the adjustable drawcord, you’ll have a practical jacket that protects you like no other.

As a runner, you’ll simply love everything this windbreaker model delivers, protecting you against the weather while keeping your performance at the highest level. And with the set of 6 colors and 6 sizes, you can pick any model you prefer for a perfect experience overall.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy design with a side zipper & side pockets
  • Ideal adjustability with elastic cuffs &center zipper
  • Entirely comfortable with windbreakers on the back
  • Soft and cozy interior fabric
  • Perfect design for doing physical activities

 How to Choose a Waterproof Jacket: Buyer’s Guide

Are you entirely sure you need one of these? If yes, then you’ll need to get the ideal option for the best experience possible. Here, we explain all the different factors so you can get precisely that:

## Materials

There’s a wide array of materials you can choose when it comes to waterproof jackets. So, you should know about each one before making your choice. Here are three to consider:

  • Teflon

This is probably the most expensive of all materials. But its expensiveness comes with high durability and waterproof capacity.

You will Teflon in its most common patented brand called Gore-Tex. It is a unique formula for Teflon that provides the best results when it comes to waterproof jackets. But if you find Teflon alone, that will be enough to say that’s a high-quality model to go for.

  • Nylon

This is the second most expensive and the most durable. It is pretty close up there to Teflon, but the difference is that nylon is much lighter overall. You can find nylon jackets that are as light as 0.5 pounds or even less, making them the best lightweight rain jackets.

Here, you’ll also get some patented types such as DryVent and HyVent. These nylon patents are often the same kind of material but with particular properties that increase the overall durability, guard, and comfort of the product. This is also an excellent choice.

  • Polyester

While polyester is not a wrong choice either, it is the cheapest, less durable, and less protective of all the materials for waterproof jackets. Being cheaper makes it an excellent option for people on a tight budget.

It doesn’t leave protection behind, though. You will still fair waterproof capacity from it, but it won’t be as good as nylon or Teflon.

## Layers

Apart from the material, the layers are also essential to consider when it comes to the construction of the jacket. Here are a few types to consider:

  • 2-Layer

As its name says, it comes with two layers – one for the exterior and one for the interior. This adds excellent protection, durability, and breathability. However, they are often bulky and a little hard.

You will find them with a waterproof coating as well, with a mesh or fabric lining inside. This helps to achieve ideal breathability without leaving protection behind. They are pretty useful for snow protection.

  • 5-Layer

Here, you don’t get two layers but two-and-a-half. Yes, it consists of the same interior and exterior layers but with an additional thick coating that goes over the outer layer that makes the half-layer.

It’s a little complicated when compared to the 2-layer build – but it is still pretty common to find. Usually, they are among the lightest out there and provide an astonishing waterproof capacity, only high-end options offer.

Due to the extra coating that comes with this type of jacket, you may find it a little sticky or awkward on the exterior. But this happens because they repel water amazingly well.

  • 3-Layer

For the highest-quality jackets, you’ll find the 3-layer build to be pretty common. They are pretty expensive but magnificently protective – boasting 3 layers that provide exceptional waterproofing performance.

It comes with the soft interior fabric, an outer layer with coating, and a liner in the middle, so it adds softness to the fabric but superior durability. Still, this design is lighter than 2-layer models and tends to dry quicker due to its excellent breathability.

## Extras

Apart from getting the perfect design so you can be assured that the jacket will last, provide enough protection, and feel comfortable with its build – you should also make sure that it is practical. Here are a few extra accessories or components to consider:

  • Hoodies & Collars

Want to keep your head protected? Then get a jacket with a hoodie. At least 90% of all waterproof models out there come with one – but some do not. Those are often less effective in keeping you wet – so avoid them if you can.

But apart from hoodies, also consider the ones with neck protection, chin guard, or collars. These are even more useful to protect you from moisture.

  • Zippers

The zipper makes wearing a jacket easy. But apart from that, you can find zippers for ventilation in the armpit area, or in the back. These are magnificently useful for extra breathability and wind protection. Apart from that, they reduce moisture from sweat inside, so you can feel dry at all times.

If you’re going on a trip or you’re in the city and need some ventilation, jackets with this kind of zippers are your best bet.

  • Pockets

Probably the most practical of all extras – pockets aid to provide additional storing options. You will find interior pockets for smartphones, rings, and other valuables. And you will also find exterior pockets for other objects, so you can keep them at hand reach but safe from water.

Some pockets even come in the back when there’s no space inside or in front, offering even more chances to store items. Going for a jacket with several pockets is also useful for those who appreciate handiness.

How to Take Care of Your Jacket

Taking care of a waterproof jacket is essential if you want a long-lasting, clean, and practical piece of gear that helps you battle the rain. Here’s how you can take care of one:

  • Wash Consistently

Never store your wet jacket on the closet without first giving a good wash. Using a towel damped in soapy water will be enough to keep your jacket clean and ready to be stored. Remember to let it dry first, you won’t like the moisture after cleaning to become smelly mold.

  • Store in a Fresh Place

Yes, keeping your jacket working well for years also means storing it the right way. The nylon, polyester, or Teflon materials at high temperatures may eventually wear off. So, make sure you store the jacket in a ventilated area.

  • Don’t Use Chemicals

Apart from washing it the right way and keeping it fresh, your jacket also needs you to prevent any harmful chemical. If you tend to use artificial cleaners, fabric softeners, decolorants, and other chemicals that could potentially damage the jacket fabrics – keep them as far away as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproof Jacket

Everyone wants a water jacket, but not everyone knows what it means having one. Here are a few common questions customers often make about them:

Q: Are waterproof jackets also windproof?

A: Not all of them, but the majority. Materials like DryVent, HyVent, and Gore-Tex offer wind resistance & protection. So, jackets with these components are totally windproof.

Q: Is there a way to re-proof or enhance the protection of a jacket?

A: Yes, there are DWR or PU coatings that wear off over time. Luckily, they can be re-applied if you buy the spray.

Q: How often should I re-proof my jacket?

A: It depends on how much the proofing wears off over time. If you use your jacket every day for an entire year, the proofing will probably wear fast. So, you’ll have to re-apply every few months or weeks. But for occasional use, once every year or two will be enough.

Q: Is breathability really an essential part of a waterproof jacket?

A: Yes, it keeps your body drier by letting air to come inside and prevent sweat and body vapors from causing condensation.

Q: How should my waterproof jacket fit?

A: It all depends. For those who need a jacket for running, it should fit tightly on your body. But if you need it for commuting, then a loose option would be ideal for keeping your clothes dry. As for adventurers and travelers, it depends on the type of activity.

Q: What can I do if my jacket gets wet inside?

A: We recommend taking it off once you get to a dry place and hang it inside out anywhere close to a fan or air conditioner for it to dry.

Q: What should I do if my waterproof jacket tears or rips?

A: If the opening of the tear or rip is not too large, you can always stitch the crack with nylon. Otherwise, we recommend getting a polyester patch that could temporarily work as a solution. 

Final Words

So, are you ready to start getting outside without fear of any rain? Then getting one of the best waterproof jackets will help you out.

It all comes to getting the jacket that best matches your needs and demands. Remember, not all of them come with the same materials, designs, extras, or even colors. So, picking the right one may take a little more time than expected.

Luckily, it won’t be difficult at all. As long as you read each one of our reviews and learn more about waterproof jackets with our buying guide – then you’ll be set to pick the perfect model for your needs.

What are you waiting for, then? Get the best possible jacket today, and you’ll be delighted. A rainy day will never again become a problem for you.

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