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12 Best Snorkel Masks in 2020 – Expert Reviews!

Setting up a scuba diving trip demands a lot of time and money. Just getting an oxygen tank and all the breathing equipment will take several hundred out of your bank account, and several hours of preparing.

Luckily, if you want to go scuba diving but don’t have the money – then going snorkeling can be a great alternative. And when you do it with the best full face snorkel mask you won’t have to go scuba diving ever again.

Here, we’ll help you find the perfect snorkel mask for your next trip to a coral reef. With one of these, enjoying the beauty of the ocean will be a total possibility and for a really accessible cost. Want to know more? Then come find out!

5 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask: Editor’s Pick

Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Reviews

There are easily thousands of models you can go for. But few will really be worth having. That’s why we only reviewed the best snorkel masks we found and brought them to you – take a look at what they offer:

1. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180°

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH Advanced Breathing System - Allows for A Natural & Safe Snorkeling Experience- Panoramic Side Snorkel Set Design

Few brands manage to provide exceptional quality products when it comes to snorkels. Luckily, WildHorn Outfitters is one of them – and the Seaview 180° is a perfect example of that.

Of course, the unique feature that makes this snorkel so fantastic is the 180-degree full-face design. You’ll have more visibility than with hundreds of other models out there. And only for that, you can say this is a top-notch option to consider.

The unique over-head tube design offers impressive breathability. And with the dry-snorkel technology, you can dive in a few feet from the surface and still get a totally saltwater-free experience.

It also comes with an excellent GoPro camera mount, useful for those who like to record their underwater adventures

The design adds a fog-resistant function that makes it difficult ever to get fogged. It boasts a separate chamber that improves the airflow inside the visor, so any air coming out of your nose gets immediately filtered out.

You will also get a totally easy-to-use design, ideal for those who want simplicity. Just a few adjustments on the strap to fit your head and that’s it.

To make the whole snorkel even better, you can enjoy 10 different color models, for a more extensive array of options that fit with your style. Along with the colors, you also get Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large sizes, so you can wear it comfortably without issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb 180-degree view design
  • Anti-fog chamber for better visibility
  • High-quality anti-leak respirator tube
  • Handy over-head GoPro mount
  • Excellent set of 10 color options

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2. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH Advanced Breathing System - Allows for A Natural & Safe Snorkeling Experience- Panoramic Side Snorkel Set Design

Few snorkels offer the comfort & performance you get with the Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180’º V2. As the newest model of such a magnificent design, it is easily the best full face snorkel mask out there.

It stands out among its competitors due to a superb FlowTech air intake system. You can breathe naturally while using this snorkel without any drawback. Boasting 2 tube chambers and 4 intake valves, it produces a fantastic air circulation across the snorkel that improves your experience exponentially.

You will also get exciting and useful features such as an angled tube design, so the air flows smoothly. And with the camera mount on top, you can record your adventures on the sea in a convenient way. This gets better with the broad visor and the one-way valve that reduces fogging.

As for comfort, you won’t be disappointed either – as this adult-sized mask comes in 3 different sizes so you can make it work according to your needs. And when you add the soft straps and the mask skirt, you can rely on top-notch waterproofing without a single wear mark on your face.

Finally, you can pick between 6 color tones and designs depending on your desires. Whether it is swimming over a coral reef, diving close to the surface, or just snorkel out in the surface – then this magnificent option won’t let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable FlowTech intake system
  • Useful 1-way valve for fogging prevention
  • Practical camera mount on top
  • Soft & adjustable strap for comfort
  • Fantastic 180-degree visor for visibility

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3. Sea ELF Easybreath Foldable

Full Face Snorkel Mask Easybreath Foldable Anti-UV Ear Equalizer 180° Panoramic Seaview Anti-Leak Anti-Fog with Camera Mount Earplugs Portable Bag for Adult Youth Kid

When it comes to getting an efficient model, you won’t find a better option than the SeaELFEasyBreath snorkel. Along with some of the handiest features out there, it makes your snorkeling way better overall.

The first thing you’ll realize from this model is the 180-degree broad view. It lets you enjoy everything under the surface without having to make an extra effort to see around. And with the flat lens, all the vision will be bright and colorful – making your experience much more enjoyable.

But it is not only the visibility that impresses but the superb dry system that keeps water out at all times. The waterproof valve on the top of the breathing tube will prevent any salt water from going into your mouth. With the two-chamber design, the air flow gets better, and the visor never fogs.

The breathing tube is totally foldable too. This makes it easier to carry around and store. And with the carrying bag that comes with the snorkel, you’ll get a convenient model overall.

Let’s not forget about the superb removable camera mount, so you can record your underwater views to watch later.

And it still manages to look reasonably stylish, boasting 17 different designs. Some models come with unique color combinations, while others come with earplugs, mouthpieces, and noise plugs for an excellent array of options overall.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth two-way breathing tube for easy use
  • Ideal dry-system that keeps water out of the respirator
  • Functional foldable tube for secure storage
  • Pretty handy carrying case & extra plugs
  • Excellent 180-degree visor visibility

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4. Ocean Reef Aria 

A colorful snorkel that looks fantastic on your face doesn’t have to be unreliable or ineffective. The Ocean Reef Aria is a perfect example of an enticing snorkel design that delivers outstanding performance.

You will enjoy the best breathing experience out there thanks to its unique high-end construction and design. Natural respiration so you can enjoy several hours of snorkeling without having to resurface.

It feels completely comfortable on your face too. The silicone skirt insert fits the face comfortably while adding tons of protection. You will get rid of the water on your face forever.

The field of vision is superb, too, adding tons of visibility with an entirely clear visor. When it comes to enjoying underwater wonders with full brightness, this mask doesn’t disappoint.

And surely, fogging will never be an issue. The piece comes with a unique design and extra valve on the nose that prevents your breathing from creating fog. You will simply enjoy snorkeling to the most without any setback.

What’s even better, you can attach a camera to the Aria mask – just set it up on the breathing tube, and it will let you record your underwater experience.

Apart from all that, you get 12 different models you can pick from various sizes and designs. The one that stands out is a Universal fit, offering a unique Snorkie Talkie function that you can use to communicate with another person.

Along with the rest of the build & features,  this is easily among the most fantastic snorkels you will ever find.

Highlighted Features:

  • Natural breathing experience with excellent design
  • Flawless visor with a full field of vision
  • Nose valve improves air circulation for less fog
  • Handy breathing tube with a camera dock
  • A superb array of models with unique Snorkie Talkie option

5. AugustTrek ONE80

A reasonably affordable full-face mask for snorkeling doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s what AugustTrek tells us with its fantastic ONE80 model.

The design looks fantastic without a doubt – with a stylish yet straightforward surface that comes in 3 different colors. You can get the Mellow Red, Space Black, or Ghost White, all looking fantastic for any user who appreciates the extra effort on the design.

But it is not how it looks that makes it a fantastic option. What really stands out is the superb design of visor, a 180-degree lens that allows you to see everything underwater with incredible brightness & clearness.

Breathing is also easy with this piece. You get a saltwater-free experience at all times, thanks to a well-built tube design. But apart from that, it feels comfortable – your jaw and nose will never feel exhausted or hurt when using. And with the extra valves, the fog will be eliminated entirely.

The anti-leak construction adds terrific protection. If you like to dive from time to time, then this build will come pretty handy.

Its design is still compact and easy to store, especially with the foldable tube. You won’t have to make an effort to store it.

Finally, the mask is effortless to put on. The adjustable straps and the full-face silicone inserts will never feel uncomfortable. Just get it out of your bag and put it on.

When it comes to convenience, comfort, and exceptional looks – the AugusTrek ONE80 goes a step farther than other models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic looks with unique surface & colors
  • Exceptional design for breathing comfort
  • Completely anti-leak build with silicone insert
  • Comfy & reliable adjustable straps
  • Practical extra valves for less fog


SEABEAST AF90 Full Face Snorkel Mask, Real Anti-Foag Snorkeling Mask with Foldable Tube and Removable Snorkel Mask Camera Mount

If you’re looking for the best anti-fog snorkel mask, ­you’ll be glad to know that the SeaBeast AF90 fits in that category without issues.

What stands out is the completely straightforward design that makes breathing easy. The two valves on the nose and the full-dry snorkel, add to an utterly fog-free experience as well. It gets better with the flat visor that prevents air from fogging your vision.

What really helps to prevent fog is the unique materials on the visor, keeping your breathing gasses to the minimum that keeps fog from happening at all times.

But it is not only about a fog-free experience, but about its large visor that helps you enjoy vivid color and vibrant movement all around. You can enjoy the whole underwater world without any fogging, distortion, or limit.

It also provides a handy design, using a foldable snorkel technology that lets you store easily and bring everywhere you go. And of course, the tube also comes with a camera mount, an ideal option for those who like to save their adventures for later.

To place this snorkel among the best out there, you can enjoy a totally anti-leak experience. It sits tight on your face, sealing any entrance and preventing even the squishiest drop of water from entering. Even if you like diving underwater – this snorkel will stay dry.

Just choose among its several color options and two available sizes, and you’ll have a top-notch snorkel that makes your sea trips better.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unmatched anti-fogging construction & design
  • Amazingly cozy and anti-leaking silicone skirt
  • A practical foldable breathing tube
  • Excellent flat visor for a full & clear view
  • Totally reliable & durable build

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7. TribordSubeaEasyBreath

TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH (2020 Version) Full FACE Anti - Fog Snorkel MASK with A Secure Lock and Free Replacement Ring & Optional GOPRO Camera Mount - for Adults OR Kids

Every experienced snorkeler who knows what quality means should also understand that the TribordSubeaEasyBreath is among the best snorkels ever made.

There’s no doubt about the unique design and unbeatable construction you get with this piece. It all starts with an exclusive anti-fogging patented design that keeps fog from ever happening. Then, the valve close to the nose prevents any vapor to fog the view.

This occurs partly because of the two-way air channels that allow a natural breathing experience. You can breathe either from your mouth or nose, and it will make sure that you never get out of breath.

The vision is also outstanding, with a 180-degree panoramic field that helps you enjoy everything the underwater landscape has to offer. Yet, the visor is totally shatterproof, so you can be protected in unexpected situations.

It will fit on your face like no other snorkel too, boasting a hypoallergenic silicone skirt that seals your face from the water. You will feel completely comfortable with it while enjoying the unique views only the sea offers.

But what truly stands out is the security lock that keeps the snorkel attach to your head. Along with the silicone, you will enjoy a reliable design that never loosens up. And that comes in 4 different sizes that work for children, women or men. If all that wasn’t enough, you can also pick among 6 beautiful colors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique silicone skirt for extra comfort
  • Top-notch visor design & construction
  • Reliable and secure lock system that never loosens up
  • A terrific two-way breathing tube
  • Superb build & design for fog prevention

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8. SeeReef Full Face Snorkel

SeeReef Full Face Snorkel - Snorkeling Mask Set with Hard Carry Case - See 180 Degrees Underwater with New 4 Valve Anti Fog Technology

For those who want a highly adjustable snorkel, the SeeReef doesn’t let anyone down. Its detachable design delivers more handiness and storage opportunities.

If you expect a snorkel that surpasses expectations, then this one is an excellent choice. You will receive a 180-degree mask with a 4-valve design that makes breathing a total piece of cake. Enjoying underwater scenery will be as easy as peeling an orange.

But the lens comes with a superb advantage, and that is the flat design. This design prevents distortion and provides a clear vision at all times. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will get exceptional visibility with this visor.

And surely, it rarely fogs up. With its unique 4-valve design and high-quality construction, you can expect little to no fogging when using.

The design also ensures you will never get water inside. The watertight fit improves the overall sealing of the piece, helping you enjoy everything the sea has to offer without discomfort or having to resurface every few minutes.

To make the whole snorkel even better, you can enjoy an additional carrying case where you can store the piece. And with its 2 sizes and colors, you can be sure this is a snorkel that doesn’t let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Magnificent flat-surface visor
  • Outstanding 4-valve design for natural breathing
  • The perfect design prevents fogging
  • Ideal watertight seal with silicone skirt
  • Convenient carrying case

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9. Deep Blue Gear Vista Vue

Deep Blue Gear - Vista Vue Full Face Snorkeling Mask

A simple yet hugely practical model – the Deep Blue Gar Vista Vue offers the chance to enjoy an underwater vision without overdoing it.

Breathing inside this mask is fantastic. The design plus its additional set of valves ensure that you’re always breathing smoothly. This also helps to prevent fogging and decreases the CO2 content so you can use the mask continually for hours.

It is still one of the coziest pieces to have. Especially when you add the crystal silicone skirt, you can enjoy superb adjustability with an excellent watertight fit. It will stay tight on your face while feeling pretty soft on your skin.

But what really sets this mask apart is the fog-free experience. Using a unique ventilation design, it keeps droplets and vapors out. It doesn’t matter how hard you breathe, it will always maintain the visor clear of any fog.

And when it comes to water inside the mask, you can totally forget about it. With this exceptional snorkel, getting water inside is a thing of the past. Both for the superb sealing and the astonishing design of the breathing tube, you can enjoy an enjoyable experience at all times.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable design for natural breathing system
  • The ventilation system keeps the visor clear & free of fog
  • Totally dry with sealing system & high-quality breathing tube
  • Soft & comfortable crystal silicone skirt
  • The extra-valve design prevents CO2 and fogging

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10. HJKB K2 Full Face Snorkel Mask

HJKB Snorkel Mask Full Face K2 180 Degree Large View 2019 New Snorkeling Packages Dual Tube Mount for Action Camera Easy Breathing Anti-Fog Anti-Leak Size L S XS for Adults Children Kids

If you’re looking for the best snorkel mask for kids, then you’ll find no better choice than the K2 full-face snorkel from HJKB.

What makes this design a fantastic option for children is the double tubing design. Not only it looks more enticing for kids to enjoy it at first sight, but it also provides an astonishing breathing system that aids in learning to use one.

You or your kid won’t have to get all intoxicated with CO2. Instead, using this snorkel will make it completely easy to get rid of dioxide and still breathe easily after several minutes or hours of use.

This improves when you add the anti-fog lens and the 180-degree visor. You will never experience a single mark of fogging, and with its panoramic view, you’ll enjoy the most fantastic imagery easily.

Another interesting choice is the 360-degree rotatable set of tubes. Apart from being two in the design, you can adjust them to the position you prefer for unique results. And still, they will prevent any water from getting inside using a blockade-prevention system.

On top of all that, the design of this snorkel is totally enticing – not only for the two breathing tubes but for the 4 color choices that any child will adore. You can get it in 2 different sizes, so it fits anyone from children to adults.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique double-tube design for better breathing
  • Terrific lens quality with a 180-degree view
  • Totally fog-free experience with ventilation design
  • Outstanding medical-grade silicone insert
  • Convenient camera mount for recording view

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11. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View Anti-Fog, Anti-Leak with Adjustable Head Straps - See Larger Viewing Area Than Traditional Masks for Kids, Youth and Adult

Want a fantastic snorkel for an unbeatable cost? Then you’ll need the Vaincre 180º Full-face snorkel mask.

Despite its superb affordability, this is an excellent product overall. It boasts a panoramic view that helps you enjoy everything the underwater world has to offer. You won’t believe how fantastic it feels to snorkel with this piece.

Apart from that, it feels comfortable like no other. The silicone insert fits on your face cozily and tightly. You will enjoy a leak-free and soft experience for years despite its cheap cost.

Breathing is also easy with this piece. You will get rid of discomfort on your mouth, nose, or eyes. As it not only improves the breathing, it also manages to prevent fogging with its unique chamber design.

The airflow is simply unmatched in the market at such a price. With its breathing smoothness, overall construction, and top-notch design – you can enjoy several hours of snorkeling without setbacks.

When it comes to going to the beach and enjoying the underwater landscape, this is probably the best snorkel for low budgets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Astonishing quality for the very affordable price tag
  • Comfortable & reliable silicone skirt
  • Ideal chamber design for effortless breathing & fog-free experience
  • Totally clear panoramic lens for excellent visibility
  • Extra mount for cameras for a practical design

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12. MIDRY Pro Snorkeling Starter Pack

MIDRY Pro Snorkeling Starter Pack Full Face Snorkel Mask + Anti Fog Spray + Carrying Bag - Easy Breathing Technology + Panoramic 180° View

For those who are always looking for the most convenient option possible, the MidrySnorkeling Starter Pack will come like a gem on a ring.

This set comes with everything you need for the best experience snorkeling. From the anti-fog spray to the mesh carrying bag, an eBook that makes your snorkeling more entertaining, and the superb design with overhead tubing – it comes with every feature you need.

It still offers remarkable visibility with a 180-degree visor. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy it all with its top-notch lens.

The breathing system is superb, nonetheless. With its vertical tube, you can be totally assured that the air will flow freely all around the mask for extra convenience. Even under heavy physical stress, you won’t have to worry about breathing.

Finally, it feels completely comfortable with a crystal silicone skirt and adjustable straps. This pairs up well with the carrying mesh bag and the shatterproof build. You’ll enjoy a totally comfy but also durable product in its entirety.

Highlighted Features:

  • A very convenient set of snorkeling items
  • Clear & broad vision with 180-degree visor
  • Smooth breathing system for less clogging
  • Cozy & soft silicone insert
  • Handy mesh bag for carrying ease

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 Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Snorkel Mask

Everyone wants the ideal snorkel, but few really know what that really wants. Here we explain how you can pick the best model:

## Breathing Tube & Valves

The first thing to consider is the breathing tube. This is where the air from the surface travels across to reach your mouth or nose. There are different models to try, the best one will make your breathing as natural as possible.

For example, the unique FlowTech design from WildHorn Outfitters is a perfect example of what breathing naturally means. It comes with a 2-way design that allows smooth flow of air through the snorkel, so you never get out of breath.

There are other 2-way and 3-way options out there. You should only strive to get one that offers uninterrupted breathing, and that’s it.

You can improve that with the right set of valves. Some come with 2, 3 or 4 valves. These valves maintain a perfect air circulation inside, which helps to achieve better breathing. Apart from that, valves help to prevent breath from becoming fog and damaging your vision.

## Lens/Visor Quality is Essential

You want your snorkel to not only help you breathe underwater but also see. And that means having a wide enough, clear enough, and comfortable visor.

As a rule of thumb – full-face masks come with a 180-degree field of view that lets you have visibility of all everything in front of you. It will be almost like having no mask put on. But of course, it all depends on the design and type of lens.

You will find what’s known as the flat visor. As its name says, it means the lens is totally flat in front. This is an interesting choice because it allows you to see everything more clearly. However, it gets distorted on the borders, which minimizes your field of view slightly. But it may also help to prevent fog.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, then there’s also the curved lens. This is the most common out there, offering a broader and larger field of view. You may see things closer than they really are, and the brightness tends to be amazing. However, it may distort things a little which many users don’t like.

Apart from that, make sure the visor comes with materials that prevent fogging. And to make the lens even better, you can go for colored options. These are rare, but often better for specific types of diving and snorkeling.

## Don’t Forget About Straps

You won’t be able to wear a snorkel mask without the right strap system. That’s why you should make sure it is adjustable and comfortable for your needs.

Typically, we recommend getting a rubber strap. That would be enough to fit comfortably on your head, stand heavy use underwater, and last a lifetime. But you may also go for polyester or nylon options if needed. They are not as tight or durable but tend to be a little more affordable.

Just focus on getting straps that adjust well to your head and tighten up the mask to your face. That would be enough.

## Get the Right Silicone Skirt or Insert

The material that adjusts the mask to your face usually is silicone for high-end models. Some alternatives can be rubber or plastic, which are often found in cheap snorkels.

Silicone is better because it lasts a lifetime, prevents leaks like no other, and feels comfy on the face. In contrast, rubber and plastic inserts may leave marks or feel uncomfortable, and will probably last less time.

The best snorkels out there, though, come with double layers of silicone skirts. This makes sure the mask fits on the face more tightly and effectively without leaving marks.

But if you want the best snorkel mask for beards, you should go for something without a skirt or insert. A visor alone will be an ideal choice if you have a beard.

You should make sure it feels good on your face and prevents any water from entering inside. That would be enough.

## Size Also Matters

Lastly, just get a snorkel that meets your head requirements. There are several sizes to go for depending on the model, so you should look carefully for what better fits you.

To make sure it is the right size, the bottom of the skirt should match your chin. The upper part of the insert should be between your front and your hairline. And on the sides, the skirt should fit precisely on your sideburns.

It should fit tightly on your face, your nose should feel comfy, and you should be able to open and close your mouth without issues. If it fits like that, then you are getting the right snorkel.

## Prepare Your Snorkel Mask for First Use

Getting to use a snorkel is not as easy as it seems. While some models are almost ready to be used as soon as you buy them, most of them are not.

You will probably find a layer that protects the lens, which will fog up if you don’t take it off. Also, snorkels have residues of plastic, dust, and other things that could get inside in the manufacturing process or while in storage. And surely, all those can be harmful.

That’s why we recommend preparing your snorkel before using. This is what you should do:

  • Get a standard toothpaste tube. With just a little of the paste, rub the visor as softly as possible. Rinse after rubbing it. This will stick off the protective layer while cleaning any residue or dust.
  • Grab a towel with dish soap and wipe the entire product, including the inside of the breathing tube if possible. Try to clean every part with care. Then rinse with water to get rid of the soapy flavor/smell.
  • Finally, grab a dry cloth towel and rub the snorkel in its entirety. Try to dry it up while getting rid of any potential leftover on the surface or tube. This will make the snorkel ready to be used.

After doing this, you will have no problem using the snorkel. Remember to be careful, especially with the visor, to prevent any scratch.

 How to Defog A Snorkel Mask: Easiest Way

Fogging occurs when your breathing exerts vapor that creates droplets of water which end up in the visor. These droplets will completely block your view after a few seconds or minutes. To prevent that, you must create an anti-fog layer on the visor (as long as it is not anti-fogging already).

Here’s how:

  • You can spit on the lens and rub it all around the visor. This will clear it up entirely and add a layer of protective saliva that prevents fogging. However, this could create mold or bad smell inside the mask.
  • Some anti-fog liquids for diving are also useful. They work similarly to toothpaste but do not create unwanted effects over time. You may need to get rid of the excess. They usually come with a slightly annoying plastic smell.
  • Soap or shampoo can also come handy. You will just need to rub it all around the lens like spit. However, if water gets inside and the shampoo or soap meets your eyes – then you may be set for an uncomfortable situation. Baby shampoo is always the best choice.

Here, you learned about three different options to defog your snorkel. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to do so with any of the alternatives.

 How to Clean and Care for Your Mask

While snorkels look like straightforward products that you can take anywhere and never have to clean them – they are actually the opposite. They demand a lot of upkeep if you want them to be useful for years. Here, we explain all the different things you should do to maintain one of these:

  • Always clean the visor after and before using. We recommend using toothpaste with your fingers. Use a standard type of toothpaste with no additives. Then rinse properly to get rid of any sign of saltwater, toothpaste, or any similar residue.
  • When cleaning the mask, you can use a soft cloth towel damped in soapy water. Focus on gentle swipes to keep the lens free of scratches.
  • Soaking the whole snorkel in warm water after using is another good option for cleaning residues of saltwater and sand.
  • Don’t store the mask without making sure that it is completely dry. You should let it dry off the moisture in a shaded and ventilated place if possible. Then, you can store it once the humidity is off.
  • Try to store your snorkel in a place where it doesn’t come in contact with other items. If you can keep it inside a soft bag or cloth to prevent scratches, that would be ideal.

After reading these tips, you should be ready to take care of your snorkel mask without issues. Remember, it’s all about being careful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snorkel Mask:

While you have sufficient knowledge to pick an ideal snorkel, there are still a few additional things you may need to know. Here are some resolved doubts customers have before and after getting a snorkel that you may want to know about:

Q: Is there something that could cause my snorkel to clog?

A: Yes, sand. You should always keep the breathing tube as far away as possible from sand to prevent any clogging.

Q: Can I free dive with a full-face snorkel?

A: Yes, you can. However, most snorkels are not made for you to dive without letting water in. If you don’t breathe correctly, you may end up with water inside the mask while diving.

Q: What should I do if the mask leaks?

A: If you are experiencing water inside, it is probably because the mask needs to be tightened. Adjust the straps accordingly, and the problem should go away. Otherwise, it means the skirt or insert is faulty.

Q: Should I wear contact lenses with a snorkel?

A: While it’s totally safe to do so, you may end up losing the lenses if water gets inside the mask.

Q: How much time can I expect a snorkel to last?

A: It depends on the build, amount of usage, the upkeep, and storage. But for a high-end snorkel that’s well-maintained, you can expect up to 10 years easily.

Final Verdict

After reading our complete guide, you’re probably exhausted. That’s why you should take some time to think about all the options on the list and our buying guide. This will help you clear your mind and pick the perfect product more effectively.

Remember that the best full face snorkel mask is the one that best meets your demands. But overall, some unique designs and construction stand out from the rest. So, going for those terrific options is always a great idea.

Don’t worry, though. You will find snorkels of all kinds and for all ages, budgets, and demands. As long as it feels, looks, and performs well – it will be an excellent choice.

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